Everything beautiful is made for the eye of the one who sees. – Rumi

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“Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of the one who sees.” – Rumi

Let’s go back to before their engagement session:

Anna and David booked us to photograph their wedding before the world was halted by the 2020 COVID pandemic.

As we were rescheduling wedding after wedding, David reached out to us via phone. ‘Oh no, another wedding to reschedule,’ I thought, answering his call, wondering if we’d be approved eventually for a grant or loan to cover the losses we were incurring.

To paraphrase how that call went:

“Hi Michael, we just wanted to say we know you are dealing with a lot of people rescheduling, and although we need to reschedule, we want to do all we can to work out a payment plan that will keep you and Carina secure until we can celebrate in 2021.”

I was stunned. It was hard to keep it together on the phone. David confronted us with his selflessness, even as HE was going through rescheduling one of the most significant, important events of his life. It’s people like that make an impression, one that never leaves you. He’s rescheduling his wedding, and he was concerned about our well-being.

This pandemic has definitely brought out some of our better angels, and David and Anna’s beautiful, selfless hearts shone in their engagement photos. We met them on an afternoon in early October 2020, along with their mothers who had come along to set up the florals in a canoe. The setting sun just kissed this hilltop towards the end of their session, so we set them free from poses and they danced into the sunlight. It was glorious.

We are SO thankful to work with beautiful souls like theirs, and to work with the incredible planner & stylist Lisa Gaskarth of Eight Seven Events. Be well and treat each other with love, friends!

xoxo, Michael and Carina

Photographed on a Contax 645 with Fuji400h film and a Fuji X-Pro 3.

Film developed & scanned by our dear friends at Richard Photo Lab.

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Between sun-touched marble in Washington, DC

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Sebastian & MacKenzie gathered with us by the white marble memorials and gardens of the capital of the United States, the National Mall. We watched the sunrise together as we photographed their engagement photos in Washington, DC., beneath the titanic pillars of the Lincoln Monument. This session reminded us not to doubt getting up early for engagement sessions in downtown DC. Totally worth it to chase light like this. 


Photographed entirely on Fuji 400h film with a Contax 645 camera. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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the place where we belong

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He was her warmth, she was his peace.

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Catherine and Leo invited us to their fall getaway in the Berkshires. Their anniversary session was alive with love and warmth.

In a season where the world enters its slumber, they celebrated life.

Photographed on Kodak Portra 800 & Ilford Delta 3200 film, developed by Richard Photo Lab.

Laura and Connor

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We couldn’t be more excited to join Stephanie Bradshaw and her amazing team for Laura and Connor’s Pippin Hill wedding next year. For their engagement session, we joined Laura and Connor at Laura’s family estate in Pennsylvnia.

Photographed on a mix of Kodak Portra 400 & Kodak Portra 800 film, with some HP5 35mm, too. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Emerald dress: Jet Set Diaries

Location: Private estate

Planning: Stephanie Bradshaw



“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."