It was our honor to photograph this artfully curated wedding with Stephanie Bradshaw at Pippin Hill Winery & Vineyards. 

It was our honor to photograph this artfully curated wedding with Stephanie Bradshaw at Pippin Hill Winery & Vineyards. 

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“The sun was perfect, shining through the oak trees while I waited for her.”

South Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0822.jpgmadeline brad michael carina photography_0788.jpgMartha Stewart Wedding_0757.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0783.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0772.jpgFuji400h film blue sky_0759.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0771.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0770.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0823.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0796.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0803.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0866.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0867.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0806.jpgSouthern wedding inspiration_0761.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0836.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0837.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0782.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0839.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0800.jpgmadeline brad michael carina photography_0787.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0811.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0793.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0794.jpgWavering Place Wedding_0766.jpgSouthern wedding inspiration_0760.jpgSouth Carolina wedding_0756.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0802.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0835.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0815.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0813.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0819.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0825.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0828.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0834.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0827.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0830.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0845.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0831.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0832.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0804.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0833.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0850.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0852.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0868.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0848.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0847.jpgWavering Place Wedding_0764.jpgWavering Place Wedding_0763.jpgWavering Place Wedding_0768.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0779.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0780.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0775.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0809.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0785.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0789.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0849.jpgWavering Place Wedding_0769.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0810.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0786.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0781.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0797.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0792.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0791.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0773.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Wedding_0774.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0821.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0844.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0820.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0817.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0812.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0805.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0851.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0862.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0863.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0860.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0858.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0861.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0856.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0859.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0864.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0854.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0855.jpgSouth Carolina wedding michael carina photography_0865.jpg

Madeline & Brad married at Wavering Place in South Carolina; their wedding was recently featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Excerpt from Martha Stewart: ‘It’s not often that a wedding beautifully masters multiple themes, but when one does, it’s especially captivating. That was the case for Madeline and Brad’s fall celebration. The black-tie event was undeniably formal but didn’t shy away from rustic touches, including country motifs. “We would have to describe our wedding as a sophisticated southern affair with the understated elegance of autumn,” the bride shares. We would have to agree.

“We wanted to show our friends and family how much they mean to us by having the very best food, drinks, and entertainment along with an atmosphere that was elegant and dreamy at the same time,” Madeline explains. Shortly after getting engaged, the couple asked Meagan Warren to help them achieve their vision. Together, they planned a timeless event that centered around nature and tradition. The former inspired their rich color palette; the latter inspired their many meaningful touches. The romantic celebration was held at Wavering Place plantation in Eastover, South Carolina, located just 30 minutes from their Columbia home. Despite hosting 125 guests, the event felt surprisingly intimate.

“My most memorable moment was our first look. I can’t remember when I’ve been that nervous and excited to see Madeline,” Brad shared. “The sun was perfect, shining through the oak trees while I waited for her. When she was walking up behind me, before I turned around, her dress sounded like a ship’s sail coming in. When I turned around, I saw Madeline looking as beautiful as I had ever seen her. It was really a great memory!” His bride agrees. “It was such a special and personal moment for us to share with each other! I will never forget the way Brad looked at me the first time he saw me.”‘


Venue: Wavering Place

Event Coordination, Planning & Design: Meagan Warren

Florals: Cote Design Florals 

Shoes: Manalo Blahnik 

Dress: Barbara Kavchok

Makeup & Hair: IDOMKUP and Kelli Hof

Cinema: Cinema Couture

Cake: Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Catering: The Southern Way Catering

Entertainment: East Coast Entertainment

As seen on Martha Stewart Weddings

bride and groom Michael and Carina Photography_0575.jpg
Wedding invitations - Michael and Carina Photography_0536.jpg
Rings - Michael and Carina Photography_0535.jpg
Blush wedding dress -Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0596.jpg
Hamptons wedding reception - Michael and Carina Photography_0538.jpg
film wedding photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0550.jpg
bride and bridesmaids - Michael and Carina Photography_0553.jpg
bridal portrait - Michael and Carina Photography_0549.jpg
monique lhuillier bride - Michael and Carina Photography_0539.jpg
Hydrangeas - Michael and Carina Photography_0534.jpg
Martha Stewart Weddings-Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0585.jpg
Hamptons wedding - Michael and Carina Photography_0542.jpg
bride with hydrangeas - Michael and Carina Photography_0544.jpg
days of mays florals - Michael and Carina Photography_0555.jpg
classic bride - Michael and Carina Photography_0545.jpg
hamptons montauk Michael and Carina Photography_0560.jpg
Hamptons wedding reception - Michael and Carina Photography_0537.jpg
Hamptons wedding - Michael and Carina Photography_0541.jpg
martha stewart weddings Michael and Carina Photography_0565.jpg
montauk wedding - Michael and Carina Photography_0548.jpg
Martha Stewart Weddings-Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0586.jpg
Martha Stewart Weddings-Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0587.jpg
Martha Stewart Weddings-Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0584.jpg
wedding reception inspiration Michael and Carina Photography_0559.jpg
Blush wedding dress -Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0598.jpg
wedding reception Michael and Carina Photography_0578.jpgBlush wedding dress -Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0595.jpg
wedding guests Michael and Carina Photography_0556.jpg
wedding in the hamptons - Michael and Carina Photography_0546.jpg
martha stewart weddings Michael and Carina Photography_0566.jpg
Martha Stewart Weddings_0581.jpgMartha Stewart Weddings-Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0582.jpg
Blush wedding dress -Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0589.jpgmartha stewart weddings Michael and Carina Photography_0564.jpg
bride and groom Michael and Carina Photography_0574.jpg
Martha Stewart Weddings-Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0583.jpg
Blush wedding dress -Michael-and-Carina-Photography_0597.jpg
reception Michael and Carina Photography_0568.jpg
reception Michael and Carina Photography_0569.jpg
reception Michael and Carina Photography_0570.jpg
reception Michael and Carina Photography_0573.jpg
reception Michael and Carina Photography_0572.jpg



Francesca and Timothy’s wedding in The Hamptons of New York was truly a joy to be a part of. They wed by the beautiful Peconic River in historic Suffolk County, the northeastern point of Long Island. It was such a warm July day with a refreshing breeze coming off of the water.

As seen on one of our favorite sources of inspiration, Martha Stewart Weddings. 


Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier

Floral Design: Days of May Florals

Venue: The Old Field Vineyard, of Southold, NY

Music: Jarrell Entertainment, The Bailsmen, WISE Guys

Cinematography: Philip Alan Films

Rentals: Party Rental Ltd. , Paige Marion

Makeup & Hair: 1011 Makeup

Bridesmaids: Adrianna Papell

Shoes: Louboutin

Invitations: Color Quarry Letterpress, Ginger P Designs

Groom’s Attire: House of Abbeydale

Film Development: Richard Photo Lab


Love makes everything worthwhile.

Washington DC wedding photographer_0522.jpgWashington DC wedding photographer_0496.jpgWashington DC wedding photographer_0501.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0497.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0495.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0502.jpgWashington DC wedding photographer_0494.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0491.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0530.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0509.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0498.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0520.jpgWashington DC wedding photographer_0529.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0527.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0513.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0504.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0515.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0517.jpg

Washington DC wedding photographer_0508.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0510.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0519.jpgWashington DC wedding photographer_0518.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0511.jpgWashington DC wedding photographer_0521.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0523.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0524.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0525.jpg
Washington DC wedding photographer_0526.jpg

Mina and Andrew married at the Belmont in Northern Virginia on September 30 of last year. We were so fortunate to be there to document it for them.

Venue: Belmont Country Club
Dress: Stella York
Cake: Sweets by E
Floral Design: JP Flowers
Hair: Miamore Beauty Salon
Makeup: Elle Choi
Shoes: Maison Valentino 
Invitations: The Dandelion Patch
Accessories: The Mrs Box
BM Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Groom’s Attire: Suit Supply
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab

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Laura and Connor

Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0009.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - engagement_0002.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0001.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0008.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0007.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0010.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0018.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0019.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0003.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - engagement_0015.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0016.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0011.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0020.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0014.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - engagement_0013.jpg

We couldn’t be more excited to join Stephanie Bradshaw and her amazing team for Laura and Connor’s Pippin Hill wedding next year. For their engagement session, we joined Laura and Connor at Laura’s family estate in Pennsylvnia.

Photographed on a mix of Kodak Portra 400 & Kodak Portra 800 film, with some HP5 35mm, too. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Emerald dress: Jet Set Diaries

Location: Private estate

Planning: Stephanie Bradshaw



“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."