He was her warmth, she was his peace.

anniversary photo inspiration_0062.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0052.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0053.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0034.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0042.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0028.jpganniversary photo inspiration_0039.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0032.jpganniversary photo inspiration_0056.jpganniversary photo inspiration_0037.jpg
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anniversary photo inspiration_0036.jpganniversary photo inspiration_0048.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0059.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0058.jpganniversary photo inspiration_0055.jpgfilm photography contax 645anniversary photo inspiration_0069.jpganniversary photo inspiration_0068.jpg
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anniversary photo inspiration_0066.jpganniversary photo inspiration_0043.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0061.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0057.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0044.jpg
anniversary photo inspiration_0065.jpg

Catherine and Leo invited us to their fall getaway in the Berkshires. Their anniversary session was alive with love and warmth.

In a season where the world enters its slumber, they celebrated life.

Photographed on Kodak Portra 800 & Ilford Delta 3200 film, developed by Richard Photo Lab.

Laura and Connor

Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0009.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - engagement_0002.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0001.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0008.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0007.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0010.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0018.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0019.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0003.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - engagement_0015.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0016.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0011.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0020.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - engagement_0014.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - engagement_0013.jpg

We couldn’t be more excited to join Stephanie Bradshaw and her amazing team for Laura and Connor’s Pippin Hill wedding next year. For their engagement session, we joined Laura and Connor at Laura’s family estate in Pennsylvnia.

Photographed on a mix of Kodak Portra 400 & Kodak Portra 800 film, with some HP5 35mm, too. Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Emerald dress: Jet Set Diaries

Location: Private estate

Planning: Stephanie Bradshaw

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds has come.

Washington DC cherry blossom photos_0013.jpg
Washington DC cherry blossom engagement inspiration_0031.jpg
Michael and Carina engagement photos_0027.jpg
Spring sky Michael and Carina Photography fuji400h_0017.jpgCherry blossom DC engagement photos Michael and Carina Photography_0020.jpgCherry blossoms in bloom DC_0024.jpg
Cherry blossom DC engagement pictures_0021.jpg
Detail DC engagement photos Michael and Carina Photography_0018.jpg
Holding hands on film Michael and Carina Photography_0035.jpg
DC engagement photography profile_0022.jpgCherry blossoms in bloom DC_0025.jpg
Engagement photo ideas DC_0023.jpg
Cherry blossoms in bloom DC_0026.jpg
Rainy Washington DC cherry blossom photos_0030.jpgHolding hands on film Michael and Carina Photography_0034.jpg
Cherry blossom DC engagement photos Michael and Carina Photography_0019.jpg
Washington DC cherry blossoms on film_0029.jpg
Washington DC engagement photography_0028.jpg
HP5 black and white film engagement photos Michael and Carina Photography_0037.jpg
DC engagement photos_0012.jpg

Washington DC in springtime is a perfect setting for engagement photos, and the cherry blossoms are not to be missed. On a carefree day in Washington DC, there happened to be cherry blossoms and we happened to photograph this wonderful couple among them.

Her dress: SAU

Menswear: Hugo Boss

His shoes: Magnanni

Her shoes: Kate Spade

All I’ve ever done in my life is making my way here to you.

River Oaks wedding photographer_0536.jpg Engagement Ring Inspiration_0537.jpg Film engagement photo inspiration_0539.jpg Michael and Carina Photography engagement_0541.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0550.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0543.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0544.jpg Spanish moss South Carolina_0540.jpg Michael and Carina Photography engagement_0542.jpg Charleston wedding inspiration_0538.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0546.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0547.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0545.jpgEngagement session outfit inspiration_0548.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0549.jpg Engagement session outfit inspiration_0552.jpg



It was a joy to photograph Chris and Holly’s engagement session at River Oaks in Charleston, in the perfect light of a lingering early autumn evening. Photographed on Fuji400h and HP5 film, developed by Richard Photo Lab. Coming soon to one of our favorite sources of inspiration, Style Me Pretty.


  Event Venue: River Oaks Charleston

  Hair and Makeup: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

  Dress I: Adrianna Papell

  Dress II: Self Portrait

  Shoes: Sam Edelman

  His Attire: S. Cohen Inc

His Shoes: Cole Haan

  Jewelry: Kate Spade


Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0271.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0276.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0274.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0283.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0282.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0280.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0278.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0287.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0281.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0286.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0288.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0285.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0275.jpgMichael and Carina Photography - Film Wedding Photographer_0272.jpg




“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."