Virginia’s heart and soul are embodied in Pippin Hill.


Laura & Connor’s Pippin Hill wedding was featured recently in MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.


Article:  “HOW DID YOU MEET? Connor and I met on my favorite holiday weekend, 4 th of July. I was just finishing up school at the University of Georgia. One of my good high school friends was in summer training for the Navy not too far away in Columbus, GA. So I invited him up to Athens for the 4th . I told him to bring some friends along. He didn’t really know Connor but Connor was randomly in the same training squad as him. So along Connor came to Athens.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: Connor completely surprised me by proposing on a secluded beach in Hawaii. He had all the details and timing perfectly planned out including a photographer disguised as a beach-goer who captured it all.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: My mom, best friend and me took a trip to New York City. I tried on many dresses over two days and found the one at the last place we had an appointment. The dress was just perfect for me and we thought it would work well with the venue.

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR WEDDING STYLE? I wanted something that was romantic and dreamy but yet still had a little edge and uniqueness to it.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS LOCATION? The views and setting are breathtaking. We also loved the option to have an outdoor ceremony and then move right inside for the reception. The setup of the facility made for the perfect wedding venue. It was also great that we could great ready on site. Not to mention I love wine so being at a winery was icing on the cake!

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: I love, love flowers so I know I wanted a lot of luscious flowers! I also knew that I didn’t want them to look too traditional or structured. The florist did an amazing job making my bouquet huge and looking slightly “undo” giving it an organic sensual feeling. She used a lot of different types of flowers including orchids and
roses but all a light pink and creamy whites. And there were unique greenery hoops hung from the ceiling in the reception area to add a great vertical element to the space.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: The outdoor views of the gorgeous hydrangeas lining the pathway down to the ceremony and the rolling mountains in the horizon & flowers all made for the most beautiful scene for our ceremony.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Try to enjoy the process and take moments to step away from the planning process and see the big picture, so you don’t get too wrapped up in the small stuff. Remember the day is about you and your fiancé!

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? Dancing the night away with everyone! Our band was awesome and they had everyone out on the dance floor.

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR HONEYMOON: We had a marvelous honeymoon in Greece! Santorini was beautiful and so romantic!




VENUE: Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard

PLANNING & EVENT DESIGN: Stephanie Bradshaw

FLORALS: Steel Cut Flower Co.

PAPER GOODS: Stephanie Bradshaw

HAIR & MAKEUP: Amie Decker

CATERING: Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard


a memory of a beautiful west coast afternoon

michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0419.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0416.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0415.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0413.jpgmichael carina photography beach engagement photos_0417.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0423.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0412.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0420.jpgmichael carina photography beach engagement photos_0421.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0408.jpg
michael carina photography beach engagement photos_0422.jpg

A memory of a beautiful afternoon in San Diego with old friends.

March 2020

styled by Ginny Au

host Hybrid Co / Erich McVey

MUAH Carrie Purser 

Photographed on film using a Contax 645 // developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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one romance, one dance


Michael and Carina Photography_0339.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0366.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0368.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0345.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0335.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0353.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0356.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0374.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0352.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0367.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0351.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0350.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0362.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0357.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0342.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0369.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0344.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0337.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0346.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0347.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0370.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0376.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0375.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0338.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0354.jpgMichael and Carina Photography_0340.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0365.jpg
Michael and Carina Photography_0361.jpg

It was a day after my 31st birthday. We found ourselves in Maryland with cameras, and film, but this one was different. A small, intimate affair in the realest sense, Lauren & Steve eloped at Strong Mansion. Photographed on Portra 400, Portra 800, and Ilford HP5 film using a Contax 645 and Contax g2. Film developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

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Lost in perfect autumn romance

great marsh estate wedding_0301.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0279.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0324.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0272.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0265.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0278.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0267.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0273.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0274.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0283.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0271.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0291.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0268.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0280.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0294.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0321.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0290.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0310.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0303.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0311.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0327.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0319.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0287.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0309.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0286.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0315.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0296.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0298.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0305.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0306.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0307.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0293.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0288.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0302.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0297.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0308.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0289.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0304.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0300.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0295.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0316.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0317.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0328.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0326.jpg
great marsh estate wedding_0325.jpg


We photographed this Great Marsh Estate wedding in October 2019 for Ashley & Kerrenton. They are wonderful people with open minds and open hearts. They inspire us. Our time with them was time spent with friends. Also, they took us for a ride in their Tesla. 



VENUE: Great Marsh Estate

PLANNING & EVENT DESIGN: Kelley Cannon Events

FLORALS: Holly Chapple 

PAPER GOODS: Steph B & Co. 


CINEMA: Monachetti Weddings

WEDDING DRESS: Paloma Blanca


CATERING: Well Dunn Catering 

In her eyes he found something more beautiful than the Rappahannock

virginia_film_wedding_photographer_0083.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0073.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0107.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0080.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0096.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0100.jpg virginia_film_wedding_photographer_0095.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0099.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0092.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0097.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0098.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0077.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0102.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0104.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0075.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0103.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0081.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0085.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0086.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0093.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0088.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0094.jpg


Corrie and Ben married at an intimate wedding ceremony at THE TIDE’S INN, a quiet, luxury resort hidden between a golf course and an inlet of water that runs to the Rappahannock River, and just beyond that, the Chesapeake Bay.

Our wonderful friend Emily Artistry was there for hair & makeup, and florals were supplied by The Wild Bunch, a floral designer based in nearby Kilmarnock, Virginia, Michael’s hometown.  

Corrie’s daughters provided laughs and smiles, and they caught blue crabs from the water after the ceremony. At the end, they danced together to live music at the Inn, and after that, guests that didn’t know them wept and applauded. 

in virginia under the willow tree

Big Spring Farm wedding_1235.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1234.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1240.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1241.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1253.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1243.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1244.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1270.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1250.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1246.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1249.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1262.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1238.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1237.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1239.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1268.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1266.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1245.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1255.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1285.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1236.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1267.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1277.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1265.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1279.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1248.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1257.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1256.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1287.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1282.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1280.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1252.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1247.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1258.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1259.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1288.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1289.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1260.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1261.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1283.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1278.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1254.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1271.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1273.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1275.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1272.jpg


FROM CAROLINE: “Our wedding took place at Big Spring Farm in Lexington, Virginia – a place and a city very close to our hearts. Cole and I met at Big Spring when we were both undergraduates at Washington & Lee University. We would go on to get engaged there and, a year later, married under the weeping willow tree out on the peninsula at Big Spring.

One of our favorite parts about our time in Lexington was the beautiful outdoors, especially the Blue Ridge Mountains. This being said, what was most important to us was to bring our family and friends to this place and setting so close to our hearts. We wanted our wedding to be fun, joyful, and effortless, especially since so many of our guest travelled long distances to come to our out-of-town wedding.

Our vision was to let the Virginia mountains speak for themselves, which is why we chose a neutral color scheme and natural greenery for most of our flowers. We felt as though Michael and Carina’s film photography let that vision come to life in a way that was authentic and timeless. We hoped that all of our details and invitations echoed this theme as well.”


C R E D I T s: Dress: Monique Lhuillier  | Planning & Event Design: Just a Little Ditty | Venue: Big Spring Farm | Cinema: The Herrintons | Lighting: Blue Ridge Event Production | Band: Sam Hill Entertainment | Florals: Southern Blooms | Catering: The Catering Company | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Hair & Makeup: Ave 42




from Lexington, Virginia



“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."