Lexington, Virginia

Big Spring Farm wedding_1235.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1234.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1240.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1241.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1253.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1243.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1244.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1270.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1250.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1246.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1249.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1262.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1238.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1237.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1239.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1268.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1266.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1245.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1255.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1285.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1236.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1267.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1277.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1265.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1279.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1248.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1257.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1256.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1287.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1282.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1280.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1252.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1247.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1258.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1259.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1288.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1289.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1260.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1261.jpgBig Spring Farm wedding_1283.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1278.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1254.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1271.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1273.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1275.jpg
Big Spring Farm wedding_1272.jpg

Lexington, Virginia

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Charlottesville, Virginia

Charlottesville, VirginiaVirginia winery wedding_1231.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1222.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1230.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1194.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1191.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1197.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1190.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1199.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1188.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1198.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1185.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1184.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1201.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1220.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1200.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1183.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1202.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1233.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1203.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1232.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1206.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1211.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1217.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1218.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1186.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1221.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1204.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1192.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1208.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1224.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1210.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1212.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1219.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1229.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1225.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1214.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1205.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1215.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1209.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1207.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1216.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1196.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1227.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1228.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1213.jpg

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Volume 1. 

michael carina boudoir_1120.jpgtulum_1119.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1133.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1129.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1135.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1152.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1150.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1147.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1145.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1149.jpgtulum_1118.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1148.jpgmichael carina boudoir_1131.jpgtulum michael carina_1136.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1132.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1125.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1127.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1157.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1158.jpgmichael carina boudoir_1134.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1159.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1160.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1161.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1151.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1144.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1143.jpggirl serious dream michael carina_1141.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1140.jpggirl with serious dream_1115.jpggirl serious dream michael carina_1139.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1138.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1137.jpg
Volume 1. 

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St. Regis Hotel, Washington DC

St. Regis Hotel, Washington DC
chinese wedding inspiration_1088.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1090.jpgSt regis DC wedding_1076.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1091.jpgChinese wedding inspiration_1073.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1095.jpgDC Wedding Photographer_1102.jpgDC Wedding Photographer_1096.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1097.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1093.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1094.jpg
caroline dutton events_1082.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1107.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1099.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1100.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1089.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1106.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1101.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1105.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1104.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1086.jpgDC Wedding Photographer_1098.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1077.jpg
Caroline Dutton Events_1074.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1103.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1078.jpg
caroline dutton events_1079.jpg
caroline dutton events_1080.jpg
caroline dutton events_1085.jpg
caroline dutton events_1081.jpg
caroline dutton events_1083.jpg
caroline dutton events_1084.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1087.jpg

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It was our honor to photograph this artfully curated wedding with Stephanie Bradshaw at Pippin Hill Winery & Vineyards. 

It was our honor to photograph this artfully curated wedding with Stephanie Bradshaw at Pippin Hill Winery & Vineyards. 

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“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."