love is love is love is love

Virginia winery wedding_1222.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1230.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1194.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1191.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1197.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1190.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1199.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1188.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1198.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1185.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1184.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1201.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1220.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1200.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1183.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1202.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1233.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1203.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1232.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1206.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1211.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1217.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1218.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1186.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1221.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1204.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1192.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1208.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1231.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1224.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1210.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1212.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1219.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1229.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1225.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1214.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1205.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1215.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1209.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1207.jpgVirginia winery wedding_1216.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1196.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1227.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1228.jpg
Virginia winery wedding_1213.jpg


C R E D I T S: Dress: My Wood Nymph | Planning & Event Design: Alana Futcher at Chancey Charm | Rentals: Paisley & Jade  | Florals: Mallory Joyce| Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Hair & Makeup: Anna Breeding |Shoes: Mahnolo Blahnik



Volume 1. 

michael carina boudoir_1120.jpgtulum_1119.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1133.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1129.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1135.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1152.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1150.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1147.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1145.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1149.jpgtulum_1118.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1148.jpgmichael carina boudoir_1131.jpgtulum michael carina_1136.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1132.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1125.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1127.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1157.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1158.jpgmichael carina boudoir_1134.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1159.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1160.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1161.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1151.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1144.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1143.jpggirl serious dream michael carina_1141.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1140.jpggirl with serious dream_1115.jpggirl serious dream michael carina_1139.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1138.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1137.jpg
Volume 1. 

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Love & tradition in Washington DC

St. Regis Hotel, Washington DC
chinese wedding inspiration_1088.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1090.jpgSt regis DC wedding_1076.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1091.jpgChinese wedding inspiration_1073.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1095.jpgDC Wedding Photographer_1102.jpgDC Wedding Photographer_1096.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1097.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1093.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1094.jpg
caroline dutton events_1082.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1107.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1099.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1100.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1089.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1106.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1101.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1105.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1104.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1086.jpgDC Wedding Photographer_1098.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1077.jpg
Caroline Dutton Events_1074.jpg
DC Wedding Photographer_1103.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1078.jpg
caroline dutton events_1079.jpg
caroline dutton events_1080.jpg
caroline dutton events_1085.jpg
caroline dutton events_1081.jpg
caroline dutton events_1083.jpg
caroline dutton events_1084.jpg
dc wedding photographer_1087.jpg

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Go far, fly near, to the stars away from here

CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0175.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0160.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0171.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0174.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0176.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0161.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0180.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0178.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0168.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0169.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0195.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0196.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0181.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0164.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0163.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0185.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0179.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0184.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0225.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0233.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0226.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0230.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0232.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0235.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0158.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0231.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0245.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0224.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0246.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0234.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0227.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0244.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0162.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0140.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0159.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0172.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0236.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0228.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0156.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0186.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0142.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0165.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0157.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0192.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0155.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0190.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0173.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0191.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0193.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0167.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0187.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0183.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0147.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0146.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0145.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0149.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0143.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0151.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0144.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0152.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0213.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0148.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0150.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0212.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0216.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0218.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0219.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0220.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0211.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0210.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0222.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0243.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0208.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0240.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0239.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0242.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0238.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0209.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0207.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0217.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0221.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0200.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0202.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0199.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0203.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0206.jpgCONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0198.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0205.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0197.jpg
CONTAX G2 and NIKON 35TI_0201.jpg

Contax g2, Voigtlander Bessa-R2, & Nikon 35ti
Ektar 100, HP5, Delta 3200, Portra 400 films, developed & scanned by Richard Photo Lab
Photographed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, & Richmond, Virginia

Virginia’s heart and soul are embodied in Pippin Hill.


Laura & Connor’s Pippin Hill wedding was featured recently in MAGNOLIA ROUGE MAGAZINE.


Article:  “HOW DID YOU MEET? Connor and I met on my favorite holiday weekend, 4 th of July. I was just finishing up school at the University of Georgia. One of my good high school friends was in summer training for the Navy not too far away in Columbus, GA. So I invited him up to Athens for the 4th . I told him to bring some friends along. He didn’t really know Connor but Connor was randomly in the same training squad as him. So along Connor came to Athens.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: Connor completely surprised me by proposing on a secluded beach in Hawaii. He had all the details and timing perfectly planned out including a photographer disguised as a beach-goer who captured it all.

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: My mom, best friend and me took a trip to New York City. I tried on many dresses over two days and found the one at the last place we had an appointment. The dress was just perfect for me and we thought it would work well with the venue.

WHAT WAS THE INSPIRATION BEHIND YOUR WEDDING STYLE? I wanted something that was romantic and dreamy but yet still had a little edge and uniqueness to it.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THIS LOCATION? The views and setting are breathtaking. We also loved the option to have an outdoor ceremony and then move right inside for the reception. The setup of the facility made for the perfect wedding venue. It was also great that we could great ready on site. Not to mention I love wine so being at a winery was icing on the cake!

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: I love, love flowers so I know I wanted a lot of luscious flowers! I also knew that I didn’t want them to look too traditional or structured. The florist did an amazing job making my bouquet huge and looking slightly “undo” giving it an organic sensual feeling. She used a lot of different types of flowers including orchids and
roses but all a light pink and creamy whites. And there were unique greenery hoops hung from the ceiling in the reception area to add a great vertical element to the space.

FAVOURITE DETAIL OF THE DAY: The outdoor views of the gorgeous hydrangeas lining the pathway down to the ceremony and the rolling mountains in the horizon & flowers all made for the most beautiful scene for our ceremony.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OUT TO A COUPLE PLANNING THEIR WEDDING? Try to enjoy the process and take moments to step away from the planning process and see the big picture, so you don’t get too wrapped up in the small stuff. Remember the day is about you and your fiancé!

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? Dancing the night away with everyone! Our band was awesome and they had everyone out on the dance floor.

TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOUR HONEYMOON: We had a marvelous honeymoon in Greece! Santorini was beautiful and so romantic!




VENUE: Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard

PLANNING & EVENT DESIGN: Stephanie Bradshaw

FLORALS: Steel Cut Flower Co.

PAPER GOODS: Stephanie Bradshaw

HAIR & MAKEUP: Amie Decker

CATERING: Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard




“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."