a memory of a beautiful west coast afternoon

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A memory of a beautiful afternoon in San Diego with old friends.

March 2020

styled by Ginny Au

host Hybrid Co / Erich McVey

MUAH Carrie Purser 

Photographed on film using a Contax 645 // developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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Passion is pure.

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one romance, one dance


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It was a day after my 31st birthday. We found ourselves in Maryland with cameras, and film, but this one was different. A small, intimate affair in the realest sense, Lauren & Steve eloped at Strong Mansion. Photographed on Portra 400, Portra 800, and Ilford HP5 film using a Contax 645 and Contax g2. Film developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

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Lost in perfect autumn romance

great marsh estate wedding_0301.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0279.jpg
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great marsh estate wedding_0297.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0308.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0289.jpggreat marsh estate wedding_0304.jpg
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We photographed this Great Marsh Estate wedding in October 2019 for Ashley & Kerrenton. They are wonderful people with open minds and open hearts. They inspire us. Our time with them was time spent with friends. Also, they took us for a ride in their Tesla. 



VENUE: Great Marsh Estate

PLANNING & EVENT DESIGN: Kelley Cannon Events

FLORALS: Holly Chapple 

PAPER GOODS: Steph B & Co. 


CINEMA: Monachetti Weddings

WEDDING DRESS: Paloma Blanca


CATERING: Well Dunn Catering 

In her eyes he found something more beautiful than the Rappahannock

virginia_film_wedding_photographer_0083.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0073.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0107.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0080.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0096.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0100.jpg virginia_film_wedding_photographer_0095.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0099.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0092.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0097.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0098.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0077.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0102.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0104.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0075.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0103.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0081.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0085.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0086.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0093.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0088.jpgvirginia_film_wedding_photographer_0094.jpg


Corrie and Ben married at an intimate wedding ceremony at THE TIDE’S INN, a quiet, luxury resort hidden between a golf course and an inlet of water that runs to the Rappahannock River, and just beyond that, the Chesapeake Bay.

Our wonderful friend Emily Artistry was there for hair & makeup, and florals were supplied by The Wild Bunch, a floral designer based in nearby Kilmarnock, Virginia, Michael’s hometown.  

Corrie’s daughters provided laughs and smiles, and they caught blue crabs from the water after the ceremony. At the end, they danced together to live music at the Inn, and after that, guests that didn’t know them wept and applauded. 



“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."