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Michael and Carina Workshop Behind-the-Scenes | Backstage from 2become1 on Vimeo.

We are beyond excited to announce dates for our next workshop, our first international photography workshop, “Horizons” or “Orrizonti.” We fell in love with this region in the summer of 2015.

From August 28th – 31st, 2016, we are returning together with local Italian wedding planner & stylist Federica Beni of Honey & Cinnamon the Wedding Sparrow Team, and several other carefully chosen artists. Photographers from across the world are cordially invited to join us for an inclusive multi-day retreat + workshop in the rolling hills of Italy’s Marche Region. We have rented out an entire villa to share with our attendees just outside of Ancona, where we will have time for our welcome dinner, classes, & intensive Q & A sessions. The workshop will feature several highly curated styled shoots with professional models and photographers will be free to submit images for publication.

Is this right for you? 

This workshop is for photographers who have been in business 1+ years, and have a good grasp on the basics of photography. If you are interested in photographing in one of Europe’s most beautiful regions, connecting with your dream client, refining your brand, getting your work published, building lasting friendships in the industry, shooting FILM or simply shooting abroad, this workshop is for you! Finally, this is a workshop for photographers interested in PRACTICAL advice. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Review: “Remember in college when you’d sign up for that class that sounded so interesting? You’d show up the first day, sit through the class and think, “Wow. This is going to kill me.” But if you think back to that interesting college class, you showed up every day, you paid attention, and you became knowledgeable and awesome at a new trade. That’s what this workshop did for us. We had the opportunity to push our limits. Try new film stocks. Shoot indoors. Shoot boudoir. Play with fire (literally). We left the workshop feeling stretched, excited and new….which is exactly what we were looking for. Weddings are our business. And sometimes they can really take a lot out of you; you can easily feel rusty and creatively empty. This workshop was our opportunity to play, practice and create. We left… with a renewed spirit and a ravished creative appetite.” –The Happy Bloom

For more information regarding lodging availability, travel advice, and investment, write us at info@michaelandcarina.com or visit our workshop website.

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Detail - Table Setting - Michael and Carina Workshop | Virginia + International wedding photographer
Michael and Carina Workshop Locations | Michael and Carina Workshops in Italy
Michael and Carina Workshop | Michael and Carina Workshops in Italy

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