Volume 1. 

michael carina boudoir_1120.jpgtulum_1119.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1133.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1129.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1135.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1152.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1150.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1147.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1145.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1149.jpgtulum_1118.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1148.jpgmichael carina boudoir_1131.jpgtulum michael carina_1136.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1132.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1125.jpg
michael carina boudoir_1127.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1157.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1158.jpgmichael carina boudoir_1134.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1159.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1160.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1161.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1151.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1144.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1143.jpggirl serious dream michael carina_1141.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1140.jpggirl with serious dream_1115.jpggirl serious dream michael carina_1139.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1138.jpg
girl serious dream michael carina_1137.jpg
Volume 1. 

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New York City

New York Bridal Fashion_0629.jpg
New York Bridal Fashion_0633.jpgNew York Bridal Fashion_0621.jpg
New York Bridal Fashion_0626.jpg
New York Bridal Fashion_0624.jpgNew York Bridal Fashion_0632.jpgNew York Bridal Fashion_0628.jpg
New York Bridal Fashion_0622.jpg
New York Bridal Fashion_0630.jpgNew York Bridal Fashion_0631.jpg

Photographed for Wedding Sparrow and BHLDN at Spring 2018 New York Bridal Fashion Week



New York Bridal Fashion Week 2016

Annabelle wearing Samuelle Couture_0622.jpg
Samuelle couture gowns detail_0621.jpgSamuelle Couture and Liv Hart Enchanted Atelier_0625.jpgWedding dress detail Samuelle Couture_0609.jpgBridal portrait pose Liv Hart_0610.jpg
Annabelle gown detail Sam Couture_0623.jpg
Kodak Portra 800 film portrait_0618.jpg
Samuelle Couture Michael and Carina Photography_0613.jpg
Samuelle Couture New York Bridal Fashion Week_0612.jpgdouble exposure_0620.jpg
Wedding dress samuelle couture new york_0626.jpg
Samuelle Couture Gowns_0616.jpg

In October 2016, we had the pleasure of photographing Annabelle for Samuelle Couture and Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart in New York.

Always a pleasure to work with such tremendously talented artists.


Headpieces and jewelry: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart

Gowns: Samuelle Couture

HMUA: Sharon Becker

Model: Annabelle with Modelogic Wilhelmina



“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."